MusicGuys Academy FAQ'S

MusicGuys Academy FAQs.

The following questions apply to individual students, as well as the Parents & Guardians of the students.

1. How do I register for individual instrument lessons?
Identify an instrument of your choice ~ call or email us and tell us your preferred instrument ~ the MusicGuys Academy administration will put you on the ‘waiting list’, and be assigned a teacher automatically (within a period of 24 hours).

2. What is the ‘Waiting List’?
This is a list where all requests for music lessons are recorded. Lessons are assigned when a suitable place opens up.

3. I do not know what instrument I want to learn! What should I learn?
If you are not sure of what you want to learn, we will give you information on the various instruments available; the benefits of playing them and the challenges. In addition, we will give you music from the various instruments. You can also do research by yourself as you give yourself time to develop consistent interest.

4. I want to learn very many instruments all at once!
This is a sign that you have not yet developed consistent interest. Try out different instruments until you naturally narrow down your curiosity.

5. How do I communicate with MusicGuys Academy?
The most efficient way is to send an email for any queries. Most queries are easily dealt with, through written communication. This also leaves time for only the most unusual queries to be dealt with through meetings. This works very efficiently when adhered to.

6. Can the Music Tutor recommend which instrument I should learn?
No. The interest for learning an instrument should be intrinsic. We very occasionally recommend instruments such as piano or voice.

7. I want my child to learn piano/flute/sousaphone….
The interest for learning an instrument should be intrinsic to the child. This is the best route to take otherwise the child may be reluctant to practice down the line.

8. I know which instrument I want to learn but I do not have the instrument. How do I go about this?
MusicGuys Academy has a music store and we offer music instruments for hire and/or sale. You can hire the instrument of your choice from us and if you are decided on pursuing it, you can buy it from us. Our instruments are sourced from the U.K in conjunction with Jarvid Exponents.

9. How much do individual lessons cost?


Individual Lessons (One on one lessons for a term of 12 Weeks/3 Months)

30 minute lessons @ KES 1,600 per lesson- 19,200

45 minute lessons @KES 2,400 per lesson- 28,800

1 hour lesson @KES 3,200 per lesson- 38,400


No payment should be made directly to the teacher.

10. How are the lessons carried out?…how many can I have in a week/month?
The lessons are tailor-made to achieve specific targets for students. They are also carried out with respect to age, level of interest and timeline of targets. We advise that students have a maximum of three lessons in a given week. MGA tutors will further advice on how the lessons will be carried out based on their different syllabuses.

11. How many instruments at a go can I learn?
Start with one, build consistency on it, and take it from there. We discourage learning more than two instruments, as you will lose a lot of time to practice.

12. How can I track my progress with my instrument teacher?
We encourage you to engage the teacher as much as you can in the course of your lessons. Sign the attendance sheet and file the records of work that you will be given every month by the teacher. If there is an issue beyond the normal communication, email the Director of MusicGuys Academy who will advise accordingly.

13. How do I keep in touch with what happens in instrument lessons?
Ensure your child remembers their books for their lesson. What they learn in the music lesson, as well as their home tasks, are all written in their records of work. Use this to keep in touch with what is happening in the weekly lessons. You can occasionally sit in during your child’s lesson, whenever there is a need. If there is an issue beyond the normal communication, email the Director of Music who will advise accordingly.

19. How do I know my child is making progress on their instrument?
The best way is to listen to your child practice, as well as design short-mid term performance targets. Have informal concerts at home every few weeks. Give encouraging feedback on the areas of improvement and this will lift their confidence. MusicGuys Academy will also be inviting its students for various recitals and concerts as guest performances and opening acts.